Self Care is a beautiful thing that saved my life.

"Always fill your cup first, and allow the world to benefit from your overflow." -author unknown

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Life Before Self Care

There was a long season in my life when I didn't know what SELF CARE was or how to recognize it.  I had never been exposed to it.  I knew how to take excellent care of those around me that I loved, but was clueless on how to show myself that same kind of love.

I became very honest with myself during my 6th (out of 7) pregnancy. I lost the ability to walk for a few days.  My lower back slipped into the wrong place and I was 8 months pregnant and in a terrible amount of pain, with 5 other little people to care for. 

I literally could not get up to go to the bathroom. I laid in bed and would let out a scream each time I accidentally made ANY type of movement.  While I lay there I asked myself, "How did I get here?' I started thinking of all the days I skipped meals because I forgot to eat, skipped stretching when the doctor told me to pay attention to it because I had people to cook for, and stayed up late and got up early because I had a house to clean.  I thought of all the times I put MYSELF on the back burner and I was reaping that now. 

My physical body wasn't the only part of me asking for help. Emotionally and Mentally I was burned out. I was living in a state of depression that had become my norm and I wanted out. 

That year I made a DECISION that this will never happen to me again. I will learn what people mean when they say, " Take care of yourself."  And that is exactly what I did. I took a full year to devour what self care is and implemented new strategies each month. I then became a Certified Life Coach and learned how I could share my experience and help others see the value in caring for themselves.  


Self Care 101

What is Self Care? Self care has many great definitions.  Here is one of my favorite. "Self Care is about being deliberate in taking time for yourself for the betterment of your mind, body, and soul."


Self-Care's Value - Don't Give Out Of An Empty Cup

A  year  and  a  half  ago  I  was  introduced  to  a  book  that  changed  my  life.  This  book  is  called,  “The  Art  of  Extreme  Self  Care:  Transform  Your  Life  One  Month  at  a  Time”  by  Cheryl  Richardson.  This  book  is  filled  with  several  nuggets  of  wisdom;  however,  there  is  some  “spirituality”  that  I  don’t  agree  with  100  percent.  So  I  chose  to,  as  they  say,  “keep  the  baby  and  throw  out  the  bath  water..."