It's all in The Name

Copy of Miss Mindy Love.png

I'm now officially divorced! It is time to change my last name. There were some mixed emotions. I had to have a conversation with my children as this is all new territory for them and I, but the power of communication is phenomenal. At first I contemplated not changing my name as to not upset my children, but you know what? I lived so much of my life as a people pleaser, responsible for every human’s negative emotions and frankly I’m done with that.

Many people have asked if I will go back to my maiden name. My response—NEVER. My maiden name has so much negative connotation to it. It reminds of the years I felt so hurt, rejected, unloved, and powerless. I remember being anxious to get married and wanting to change belong to someone else. Who wants to go back to that? Not me. I now belong to myself and it feels so good.

I am blooming, I am blossoming! Little by little the fun, easy going, HAPPY Mindy is returning. I have decided to choose my own last name because that’s the Mindy Way of course. As a little girl I remember the precise moment I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt on tv and her name came across the screen. The moment I saw the word “Love” in her name I fell in love. I thought it was absolutely remarkable to have that powerful, beautiful word in her name. And now, since I was given the chance, why not run with the idea and choose my own last name. Love describes me perfectly to a T. I am gentle, kind, compassionate, generous, caring (sooooo caring), and at the same time I am ferocious, fierce, courageous, and badass. The ones I choose to love, I love with my whole heart.

I’ve been waiting 9 months to change my name and I the time is now. Similar to the time it takes to grow a new life in the womb; Mindy Love has been born. The last nail is in the coffin. Freedom is mine. It’s final. It’s the end of a long saga on the beginning of beautiful new journey. I couldn’t be more pleased with the name I’ve given myself.