Self Care: Because YOU are worth the INVESTMENT. 

Self Care: Because YOU are worth the INVESTMENT. 

"Always fill your cup first, and allow the world to benefit from your overflow." -author unknown

What is Self Care? Self care has many great definitions.  Here is one of my favorite. "Self Care is about being deliberate in taking time for yourself for the betterment of your mind, body, and soul."

How does one do that?  Many ways are available to refresh and replenish ones spirit. The best way to start is by getting to know yourself.  Here is one free way to do just that.  Over at you can find a FREE personality test that takes around 12 minutes to complete.  Upon completing this exercise, I guarantee, you will have a better understanding of who you are, which will lend in how you can INCREASE your self care.   Becoming a student of yourself, will lead you directly into order as you let go of chaos. 

How can I get started?  Begin by slowing down. Deep breath. Yes, like that! Now, I'd like to ask you a question.  What is ONE thing you can do for yourself this week that would bring you joy?  You know, that thing you've been putting off and saying you'll get to later.  Is it getting your hair done, going to the gym, taking a hot bubble bath or as simple as going to visit your mother?  Whatever that "thing"'ll want to take action asap.  This is the beginning of self care--taking the time to name what it is that you can do for you that also would bring you joy. 

Don't wait until you get sick. I see many hard working mothers who push themselves to the point that they get physically sick from mental and physical exhaustion.  I'm not proud to say I've done it myself and more than once.  Let's decide right now that we will take care of us, by us, a little each day so that we can give our best to our families and the world.

Once you start. Once you get a feeling for how great self care is you will be addicted and in a GOOD way.  Your productivity will increase as well as joy, happiness, patience, and creativity. It's like wining the ENERGY lottery. Baby steps will get you to where you want to go. 

So,  let's recap.  You can start Self care anytime and anywhere by listening to what you and your body needs and then caring for those needs. When you are tempted to skip your Self care, remember this: Self care is full body armor to protect the energy we need to survive and thrive as entrepreneurs and mothers. You hold the power. 

You've got this Mama!