All Work And No Play?

do you need fun in your life_.png

Ambitious women know how to work hard, but do we know how to play?  For me it is in my nature to work, work, work. Taking care of people and helping solve problems is my profession and I enjoy it. But do you know what happens when I only work work work? Yup, you got it. I get burned out.  I'll define burn out as uninspired, tired energy that leads to mental and physical exhaustion and leaves one in a funk." 

After my recent adventure that I'll call my "Day of Fun" (You can view it here) I could feel it on the inside. All my life I've had to be serious and it caused a "fun" deficit. I've always worked hard and "play" always seemed awkward to me.  When I do play, I have to lay down all seriousness and after holding on to that for a few decades I found it to be a challenge.  So, what's a girl to do? I simply remembered how my kids would take in new experiences and enjoy the moment.  Children are the best teachers and I followed their lead!.

My Aunt, Cousin, and I went go kart racing.  And then we went to lunch.  We then went back to the fun park and rode on the bumper boats and played mini gulf.  While on the the bumper boats I noticed the two young girls around age 9 were relentless in their spraying and the grown ups were more reserved.  I'm learning to embrace my inner child and have fun. I sprayed them back and they never complained once. I got off the boats soaking wet and feeling lighter!  It's amazing the power "fun" has on our brains.  This is what I love about kids who know how to have fun.  They don't worry about a thing and they live in the moment. True beauty!

I hope I've inspired you to plan some fun. Anything really. Big or small. An hour or a full day.  It could even be a WEEK of fun.  This allows us to regenerate, get filled u, and come back with new creative juices and a sense of being alive again. 

Feel free to comment below on what activities you find fun!