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Who am I? I am an entrepreneur and a mother.  The mix really does go well together.  It is however, a bit challenging.  Finding time for everything is impossible without a strategy.  Days where I go lax on my organization I really get thrown off course and can end up....well you might say on the "moody" side.  To eliminate that unpleasantness I work diligently to keep things in order.  I've learned first hand that order brings a sense of peace of calm that I can't get enough of. "The Reset" is a powerful idea I picked up from Kryssi Pulley over at "krys4thepeople"  Now I can reset my day instead of drawing out a whole day of misfortune. 

Being a mother in and of itself is exciting, unique, and at times exhausting which is how I relate so well to the entrepreneur spirit.   Throw in the mix of owning and operating your own business and/or side hustle and chaos is sure to spring forth like a tsunami.

Between feeding, clothing, and driving children from place to place; one must find time for all things under the sun. How do we do this? We make a plan.  In this post I'm going to share with you some ideas on how to make a plan work for you instead of you working for the plan. 

Set daily priorities. In the morning I do my best writing and responding to emails for my business. I write weekly blogs as well as monthly for 2 magazines. (Idaho Family Magazine and Christian Living Magazine)  In order for me to truly get this done I must commit to myself the fact that I will get up before the sun.  Now, that might seem like the hard part for some, but for me it is actually making myself go to bed, even when my house isn't as clean as I'd like it to be.  You see, as a HUMAN, I too have a limited amount of strength before my body needs to sleep and start again.  In the future I will definitely employ someone who enjoys cleaning and be more than HAPPY to pay them for their services.  Even though I can clean, I prefer to write.   I do what I am able to do and must accept that.  The season I am in with (7) children 11 and under is extremely messy, but no one can argue that we don't have a lot of "life" going on. 

Make a small list of goals for the week. This list has got to be SHORT yet powerful.  I want it to be short so that you can feel like a winner and not like you are sinking.  For example, this week my SHORT list is to organize my desk, spend quality time with children via one outing, and take an Epson salt bath.  This is very obtainable for my SHORT list. Now, I do have MANY other things I'd "like" to get accomplished, but they would simply be a bonus. We want to build ourselves up and build our morale. We must practice to not tear ourselves down.  It is damaging to our self worth and those around us. 

Carve out me time. Time for you and your children to connect is imperative to a long lasting relationship.  After all, who wants to spend all these years pouring into our beloved children for them to grow up and not want to hang out with us.  If your children are no longer toddlers, it is okay.  I find that most children get really comfortable when you bring food and fun to the table.  For example, struggling with one child in particular?  Allow them to stay up with you and have cup of tea, or hot chocolate with a bedtime snack and ask them a few questions.  I found these ones to be quite entertaining. click here

Let go of the guilt as soon as you feel it.  Mom guilt is real. I feel it often.  And then I have to take a step back and be real with myself. I'm doing my best and my motivation is to teach my children to be self sufficient and live a happy life.  If you can't do your own laundry and you have no money its going to be a REAL challenge to be happy, if ya know what I'm saying.  So when they fuss about your rules and regulations, sure let them speak and then kindly say...."This is how it is sweetie." And when the time comes that they are doing something amazing, but they didn't give you enough heads up to make it to their event, hug and kiss them and wish them well as they head out on their journey.  and next time, they will remember to add it to the family calendar. 

Mama, if your doing your best (which I know you are) that's what you have to give.  Have you ever actually thanked yourself for cooking dinner, cleaning the dirty laundry, and wiping runny noses?  Why not?  If you can beat yourself up, surely it's not any more crazy to tell yourself "thank you".  Try it today.  Here's how you do it: Anything that you'd thank someone else for doing-- thank yourself. "As in, Mindy, thank you for going grocery shopping when you were tired and wanted to sleep in.  It's wonderful that your family will now have food at their fingertips."  It is uncomfortable at first, but once you get some practice it feels amazing and boosts the morale! 

What is your biggest struggle that you are working through this month?  Comment below to share with our kind, accepting, and brilliant community!