What is being a MOM mean to you?

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Being a mom is pretty ordinary to me as I’ve been one now for over a decade. When my kids have a need they don’t think twice, “Mom, mom, mom, mom? mom?.” It’s a good thing really. They have learned that I am a trusted person in their life that will meet their needs.

While having a conversation with a trusted friend, I was asked…. “What does being a mom look like for you?” I was a bit dumbfounded by the question. She continued to explain that not everyone has the same belief system or the same things that are important to them. I was inspired by her question and took time to think it out and write up my answer in which I will share with you below. There is no “right” or “wrong” response. It’s simply becoming quiet with ones self and AWARE of what is important to YOU, not what society or religion says you should be as a mom. After you write out your answer take time to look it over and ask, “Is this realistic”. Being honest with ourselves is such a great way to calm the mental chaos. We don’t need to be “super” mom rather our kids need up to be ourselves; to love ourselves, and love them. The rest has its way of working itself out.

What does being a mom look like to YOU?

A mother is a beautiful thing. She leads by example. She is ambitious. She is strong. She accesses things she liked and didn't like about her own upbringing and makes the appropriate changes to enhance the life of her children.

She shows love and support to her children. She corrects and guides them. She holds them accountable. She encourages them to love learning and growing as a person. She has many conversations with them. She plays with them, cooks with them, shows them they are important. She makes mistakes and learns from them.

She makes sure her children have what they need. She provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. She plans fun activities to do as a family and takes them on dates alone. She hugs and cuddles them endlessly and tells them she loves them and that they are beautiful inside and out.

She calls attention to their natural gifts and talents. She keeps them clean and buys them cute clothes that fit.

She apologizes when she does wrong. She owns her stuff. She accepts the human side of herself and doesn't judge herself harshly. She takes good care of herself physically, emotionally, and mentally.

She is a protector. She stands up for her kids. She keeps them safe. She has their back. They know they can TRUST her. She wants good things for her children.

She encourages them to pursue their passions and is their biggest cheerleader. She is a shoulder to cry on when times are tough, she is a safe refuge. She's a great listener. She shows compassion to the hurting child.

She's a hope giver. She works at a job she loves. She creates multiple streams of income. She takes time for herself. She talks kindly to herself. She practices self care. When she falls off the wagon, she gets back up and tries again.