About Me

Mental Chaos Manager.

Mental Chaos Manager.

Welcome to Hello Order! My name is Mindy. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm here to empower you along your journey to freedom. Do you know what freedom tastes like? I do! My friends, after having several children, I've learned how to divide my time between my family, business, and most importantly;  self care. I know freedom tastes differently for all of us, but I know we can agree on one thing: "Boy, it tastes sweet!”

I am a known mover and shaker. I love meeting people (especially other mompreneurs) and people love meeting me. *smiles :)* Along with being an entrepreneur, I hold the undefeated title of "MOM" to 7 (that's right, 7!) Fireballs and they keep me on my toes and forever engaged in life. 

I invest time in planning and organizing for one reason--the end result: PEACE OF MIND and SANITY. I was tired and worn out, losing my mind, yet had so much I wanted to do with my days. Over the course of 11 years, I have researched, learned, and put    into action several time management tips  and tricks coupled with a personal touch of                                                                            my own proven systems.  

I am going to share my tips and tricks with you. You might ask, "Why?". Because we can all use more SANITY, am I right? Due to my high sense of curiosity, self learning ability, and passion to connect with and mentor others, Hello Order! was born. This passion has stemmed from my childhood years.  When I was a small girl, I loved listening intently to grown ups talk about any given situation and then I would ponder the outcome silently.  Empowering others and problem solving is what I love to do! I look forward to being your guide for turning chaos into order.